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Monsters are the units used in battles in the game. They are divided into several tiers based on a variety of characteristics.

Attributes / Elements

Every monster possesses a specific attribute (more common: element). There are 5 elements:

  • Water

  • Fire

  • Wind

  • Light

  • Dark

The elements possess the following relationships:

  • Water has elemental advantage over Fire
  • Fire has elemental advantage over Wind
  • Wind has elemental advantage over Water
  • Light has elemental advantage over Dark
  • Dark has elemental advantage over Light


Technically there is a 6th element, the pure element - neutral to all elements. However this is strictly reserved for some special PvE enemies so for all purposes in this game there are 5 elements of concern to the player.

Level and Star Grade

Each monster comes at a certain star grade. The default star grade of a monster classifies the monster. The default star grade of a monster can be between 1 and 5 stars and is abbreviated as natX where X stands for the number of default stars and nat is short for natural. A monster can always only have a star grade equal to or greater than its default grade. For example the water Polar Queen is a nat5 so you will never see one with only 4 stars. The star grade of a monster can go from 1 to 6. The star grade determines the maximum level a monster can have:

Star Grade Maximum Level
1 15
2 20
3 25
4 30
5 35
6 40

Once a monster has reached the maximum level in its respective star grade it can be upgraded into the next star grade through a process called evolution. This increases the star grade by one and resets the level to 1. In order to evolve a monster of star grade n to the next star grade you need to sacrifice n monsters of star grade n. For example to evolve a 3 star monster to 4 stars, you need to sacrifice three 3 star monsters. With the exception of Angelmon, every monster can be evolved.

Runes and Artifacts

Monsters can be engraved with runes and artifacts to increase their stats. Please see the full article on runes and artifacts for more details.


There are 8 stats a monster has, separated into 2 categories.

Major Stats

The major stats of a monster are determined by the monster having a certain amount of these stats as base stats. A lot of effects work on those base stats, for example leaderskills and runes. For example if you have a rune with "10%" for a major stat then that rune increases your actual stat by 10% of the base stat of your monster.

ATK affects how hard a skill hits or for how much an ATK based heal heals for.

DEF affects the amount of damage taken from most sources. For skills that scale on defence it also affects the amount of damage dealt. See damage reduction by DEF for more information.

HP determines how much damage you can take before dying. There are also skills that scale on either your own or the enemy's HP so it can affect the damage of those skills.

Summoners War is a turn based game and SPD determines the turn order of the monsters in a battle. For a full explanation on the turn order mechanics see attack bar

ATK, DEF, and HP depend on the monster's level. Usually only the stats at 6* max level are interesting and those are the ones you can find everywhere.

Minor Stats

Minor stats are (with one exception) limited to the range of 0 to 100%. Unlike major stats, minor stats are additive. If a rune says "10%" for a minor stat then your minor stat simply goes from x% to (x + 10)% (limited to 100% except for CD). The same applies to leaderskills, buildings, etc.

  • Starts at 15%.
  • Influences the chances of attacks landing as critical hits. Can be affected by elemental (dis)advantage.
  • Starts at 50%.
  • Is not capped to 100%.
  • Influences the damage dealt by critical hits. See damage calculations for more information.
  • Starts at 15%.
  • Influences the chances of harmful effects being applied to the monster. See status effects for further information.
  • Starts at 0%.
  • Influences the chances of harmful effects being applied by the monster. See status effects for further information.

Fun Fact

Major stats have a buff for all but one stat (ATK, DEF, SPD). Minor stats have a buff for only one stat (CR). However all stats have respective leaderskills (except for technically CD since the only leaderskill for that is a limited special mon that can not be obtained).