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Summoning is the process of obtaining a monster from the Summonhenge building. It is the main method of acquiring new monsters and for most monsters also the only method. Monsters that can only be obtained via summoning are labeled non-farmable.


Always keep at least one copy of each non-farmable monster, even if it might not be good currently or you simply don't like it. You never know when a buff hits.


In this context (and pretty much always when someone talks about summoning) summoning means only the methods that give you a random monster. Monsters obtained from Monster Summoning Pieces are technically also summoned in the Summonhenge, but since you know the outcome it's basically just a conversion process from accumulated pieces into the real monster and as such not interesting. This means that monsters like the Vampire Lord that can only be obtained via pieces still count as farmable even tho they can not be summoned.

Summon Pool Restrictions

Most scrolls have limitations on which monsters you can obtain from them. In general all nat5 fusion monsters, all Ifrits, Fairy Queen, Vampire Lord, and all Cow Girls can not be obtained via summoning.

Method Icon Method Name Grade Constraint Elemental Constraint
Unknown Scroll Unknown Scroll Nat1 to Nat3 Water, Fire, Wind
Social Summon Social Summon Nat1 to Nat3 Water, Fire, Wind
Mystical Summon Mystical (Crystal) Summon Nat3 to Nat5 Water, Fire, Wind
Mystical Scroll Mystical Scroll Nat3 to Nat5 Water, Fire, Wind
Water Scroll Water Scroll Nat3 to Nat5 Water
Fire Scroll Fire Scroll Nat3 to Nat5 Fire
Wind Scroll Wind Scroll Nat3 to Nat5 Wind
Exclusive Summon Exclusive Summon Nat3 to Nat5 Water, Fire, Wind
Legendary Scroll Legendary Scroll Nat4 to Nat5 Water, Fire, Wind
Light & Darkness Scroll Light & Darkness Scroll Nat3 to Nat5 Light, Dark
Transcendence Scroll Transcendence Scroll Nat5 Water, Fire, Wind


  • The summon pool for Exclusive Summons is further restricted: You can only summon monsters from a given pool which changes on a weekly basis. See Exclusive Summons for more info.
  • Sometimes there are special scrolls giving out a newly released nat4 monster. So far those only give out a random one between Water, Fire, and Wind element.

Summon Rates

Method Nat1 Rate Nat2 Rate Nat3 Rate Nat4 Rate Nat5 Rate
Unknown Scroll 74.2% 24.4% 1.4% 0% 0%
Social Summon 74.2% 24.4% 1.4% 0% 0%
Mystical Summon 0% 0% 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Mystical Scroll 0% 0% 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Water Scroll 0% 0% 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Fire Scroll 0% 0% 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Wind Scroll 0% 0% 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Exclusive Summon 0% 0% 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Legendary Scroll 0% 0% 0% 93.5% 6.5%
Light & Darkness Scroll 0% 0% 93.65% 6% 0.35%
Transcendence Scroll 0% 0% 0% 0% 100%


  • Legendary Summoning Pieces are the same as Legendary Scrolls, you need 100 pieces for 1 summon.
  • Light & Darkness Summoning Pieces are the same as Light & Darkness Scrolls, you need 50 pieces for 1 summon.
  • Legendary Water/Fire/Wind scrolls are Legendary Scrolls just with the element restricted.
  • Rates for Unknown Scrolls and Social Summons are estimates based on (sadly vanished) logs from swarfarm.

Monster Summoning Pieces

Some monsters can be summoned by obtaining a certain amount of Summoning Pieces for that specific monster. The most common cases for this are the monsters obtained from Secret Dungeons or Hall of Heroes.

Monster Grade Summoning Pieces needed
Nat1 10
Nat2 20
Nat3 40
Nat4 50
Nat5 100

Exclusive Summons

Exclusive Summons restricts the summon pool to exactly 16 monsters. This pool is refreshed every week at Monday 12:00 server time. The time remaining for the current rotation can be seen in the Summonhenge. You can also click on the little question mark to see the current and next three rotations available.

The summon pool of each rotation consists of:

  • 3 nat5s
  • 5 nat4s
  • 8 nat3s

An example of how the expanded view behind the question mark looks like:

Stone Rotation Example


The summon rate for each monster is not equal, your chance of ending up with one of the three nat5s is still only 0.5%.

Below you can find an overview of the nat5s from each rotation so far. Due to historic reasons the first few rotations have not been on a weekly refresh schedule but stayed on for ~2 weeks. Since June 1st 2015 the rotation changes weekly.

History of Nat5s in Exclusive Summons

Date (begin of rotation) Water Fire Wind
2015-02-12 Archangel Dragon Knight Monkey King
2015-02-28 Hell Lady Valkyrja Chimera
2015-03-15 Occult Girl Beast Monk Phoenix
2015-03-31 Oracle Pioneer Dragon
2015-04-15 Beast Monk Phoenix Hell Lady
2015-04-30 Pioneer Monkey King Archangel
2015-05-15 Chimera Hell Lady Dragon
2015-06-01 Monkey King Dragon Pioneer
2015-06-08 Dragon Knight Chimera Beast Monk
2015-06-15 Pioneer Monkey King Hell Lady
2015-06-22 Polar Queen Oracle Archangel
2015-06-29 Dragon Valkyrja Occult Girl
2015-07-06 Valkyrja Dragon Knight Polar Queen
2015-07-13 Sea Emperor Phoenix Chimera
2015-07-20 Beast Monk Archangel Dragon
2015-07-27 Dragon Knight Valkyrja Beast Monk
2015-08-03 Chimera Oracle Monkey King
2015-08-10 Monkey King Hell Lady Phoenix
2015-08-17 Occult Girl Polar Queen Archangel
2015-08-24 Monkey King Dragon Oracle
2015-08-31 Valkyrja Dragon Knight Chimera
2015-09-07 Pioneer Monkey King Hell Lady
2015-09-14 Beast Monk Phoenix Pioneer
2015-09-21 Archangel Chimera Polar Queen
2015-09-28 Oracle Hell Lady Dragon Knight
2015-10-05 Occult Girl Sea Emperor Dragon
2015-10-12 Dragon Valkyrja Archangel
2015-10-19 Chimera Dragon Knight Phoenix
2015-10-26 Monkey King Oracle Beast Monk
2015-11-02 Dragon Knight Archangel Sea Emperor
2015-11-09 Pioneer Dragon Chimera
2015-11-16 Occult Girl Phoenix Pioneer
2015-11-23 Archangel Occult Girl Dragon Knight
2015-11-30 Valkyrja Chimera Hell Lady
2015-12-07 Dragon Knight Pioneer Beast Monk
2015-12-14 Oracle Sea Emperor Monkey King
2015-12-21 Chimera Occult Girl Archangel
2015-12-28 Desert Queen Beast Monk Polar Queen
2016-01-04 Hell Lady Archangel Dragon
2016-01-11 Occult Girl Valkyrja Sea Emperor
2016-01-18 Polar Queen Dragon Knight Oracle
2016-01-25 Valkyrja Desert Queen Pioneer
2016-02-01 Pioneer Occult Girl Beast Monk
2016-02-08 Dragon Knight Dragon Phoenix
2016-02-15 Hell Lady Phoenix Monkey King
2016-02-22 Oracle Sea Emperor Chimera
2016-02-29 Occult Girl Monkey King Hell Lady
2016-03-07 Archangel Chimera Beast Monk
2016-03-14 Dragon Valkyrja Sea Emperor
2016-03-21 Chimera Occult Girl Archangel
2016-03-28 Desert Queen Beast Monk Polar Queen
2016-04-04 Valkyrja Dragon Knight Oracle
2016-04-11 Sea Emperor Hell Lady Chimera
2016-04-18 Oracle Desert Queen Monkey King
2016-04-25 Hell Lady Dragon Phoenix
2016-05-02 Occult Girl Sea Emperor Beast Monk
2016-05-09 Monkey King Archangel Dragon
2016-05-16 Pioneer Occult Girl Archangel
2016-05-23 Beast Monk Oracle Polar Queen
2016-05-30 Archangel Pioneer Hell Lady
2016-06-06 Valkyrja Monkey King Dragon Knight
2016-06-13 Sea Emperor Occult Girl Oracle
2016-06-20 Desert Queen Beast Monk Archangel
2016-06-27 Dragon Valkyrja Chimera
2016-07-04 Chimera Dragon Pioneer
2016-07-11 Valkyrja Dragon Knight Phoenix
2016-07-18 Archangel Sea Emperor Polar Queen
2016-07-25 Hell Lady Phoenix Dragon
2016-08-01 Oracle Chimera Beast Monk
2016-08-08 Desert Queen Archangel Monkey King
2016-08-15 Beast Monk Pioneer Oracle
2016-08-22 Occult Girl Oracle Archangel
2016-08-29 Chimera Polar Queen Dragon Knight
2016-09-05 Sea Emperor Dragon Phoenix
2016-09-12 Valkyrja Beast Monk Occult Girl
2016-09-19 Dragon Dragon Knight Polar Queen
2016-09-26 Pioneer Phoenix Hell Lady
2016-10-03 Chimera Occult Girl Beast Monk
2016-10-10 Hell Lady Pioneer Oracle
2016-10-17 Archangel Sea Emperor Monkey King
2016-10-24 Dragon Knight Desert Queen Occult Girl
2016-10-31 Monkey King Dragon Chimera
2016-11-07 Valkyrja Hell Lady Pioneer
2016-11-14 Polar Queen Phoenix Desert Queen
2016-11-21 Sea Emperor Dragon Knight Beast Monk
2016-11-28 Pioneer Chimera Hell Lady
2016-12-05 Dragon Occult Girl Oracle
2016-12-12 Desert Queen Archangel Polar Queen
2016-12-19 Beast Monk Monkey King Phoenix
2016-12-26 Chimera Pioneer Dragon Knight
2017-01-02 Oracle Hell Lady Sea Emperor
2017-01-09 Occult Girl Dragon Chimera
2017-01-16 Valkyrja Dragon Knight Occult Girl
2017-01-23 Fairy King Polar Queen Archangel
2017-01-30 Monkey King Phoenix Desert Queen
2017-02-06 Pioneer Beast Monk Hell Lady
2017-02-13 Dragon Knight Oracle Fairy King
2017-02-20 Chimera Occult Girl Phoenix
2017-02-27 Polar Queen Valkyrja Monkey King
2017-03-06 Desert Queen Dragon Sea Emperor
2017-03-13 Archangel Pioneer Oracle
2017-03-20 Occult Girl Hell Lady Beast Monk
2017-03-27 Sea Emperor Phoenix Chimera
2017-04-03 Dragon Monkey King Desert Queen
2017-04-10 Valkyrja Archangel Dragon Knight
2017-04-17 Oracle Beast Monk Polar Queen
2017-04-24 Hell Lady Sea Emperor Monkey King
2017-05-01 Pioneer Chimera Phoenix
2017-05-08 Fairy King Dragon Knight Archangel
2017-05-15 Polar Queen Dragon Sea Emperor
2017-05-22 Occult Girl Desert Queen Oracle
2017-05-29 Chimera Pioneer Dragon
2017-06-05 Dragon Knight Oracle Beast Monk
2017-06-12 Monkey King Phoenix Fairy King
2017-06-19 Dragon Archangel Pioneer
2017-06-26 Oracle Chimera Dragon Knight
2017-07-03 Desert Queen Beast Monk Polar Queen
2017-07-10 Valkyrja Fairy King Monkey King
2017-07-17 Sea Emperor Dragon Knight Oracle
2017-07-24 Archangel Dragon Desert Queen
2017-07-31 Occult Girl Phoenix Archangel
2017-08-07 Fairy King Monkey King Chimera
2017-08-14 Dragon Knight Desert Queen Beast Monk
2017-08-21 Pioneer Valkyrja Fairy King
2017-08-28 Chimera Sea Emperor Dragon
2017-09-04 Oracle Pioneer Polar Queen
2017-09-11 Dragon Dragon Knight Phoenix
2017-09-18 Hell Lady Chimera Sea Emperor
2017-09-25 Valkyrja Archangel Occult Girl
2017-10-02 Desert Queen Fairy King Oracle
2017-10-09 Polar Queen Occult Girl Beast Monk
2017-10-16 Archangel Dragon Monkey King
2017-10-23 Fairy King Pioneer Dragon
2017-10-30 Dragon Knight Phoenix Archangel
2017-11-06 Occult Girl Valkyrja Panda Warrior
2017-11-13 Sea Emperor Monkey King Fairy King
2017-11-20 Oracle Polar Queen Beast Monk
2017-11-27 Panda Warrior Sea Emperor Desert Queen
2017-12-04 Monkey King Chimera Sea Emperor
2017-12-11 Pioneer Dragon Knight Oracle
2017-12-18 Archangel Hell Lady Polar Queen
2017-12-25 Desert Queen Dragon Phoenix
2018-01-01 Valkyrja Pioneer Monkey King
2018-01-08 Dragon Archangel Chimera
2018-01-15 Fairy King Desert Queen Pioneer
2018-01-22 Dragon Knight Beast Monk Panda Warrior
2018-01-29 Sea Emperor Oracle Dragon Knight
2018-02-05 Occult Girl Phoenix Hell Lady
2018-02-12 Panda Warrior Polar Queen Desert Queen
2018-02-19 Chimera Sea Emperor Archangel
2018-02-26 Valkyrja Fairy King Dragon Knight
2018-03-05 Beast Monk Chimera Occult Girl
2018-03-12 Dragon Pioneer Monkey King
2018-03-19 Hell Lady Beast Monk Oracle
2018-03-26 Archangel Valkyrja Polar Queen
2018-04-02 Desert Queen Phoenix Sea Emperor
2018-04-09 Fairy King Monkey King Chimera
2018-04-16 Dragon Knight Dragon Hell Lady
2018-04-23 Panda Warrior Occult Girl Pioneer
2018-04-30 Polar Queen Oracle Beast Monk
2018-05-07 Sea Emperor Archangel Fairy King
2018-05-14 Monkey King Desert Queen Panda Warrior
2018-05-21 Valkyrja Hell Lady Phoenix
2018-05-28 Pioneer Chimera Dragon Knight
2018-06-04 Dragon Polar Queen Archangel
2018-06-11 Beast Monk Sea Emperor Oracle
2018-06-18 Dragon Knight Fairy King Polar Queen
2018-06-25 Occult Girl Phoenix Desert Queen
2018-07-02 Chimera Pioneer Dragon
2018-07-09 Polar Queen Valkyrja Beast Monk
2018-07-16 Hell Lady Paladin Fairy King
2018-07-23 Panda Warrior Desert Queen Monkey King
2018-07-30 Archangel Dragon Sea Emperor
2018-08-06 Oracle Chimera Occult Girl
2018-08-13 Pioneer Phoenix Unicorn
2018-08-20 Paladin Beast Monk Polar Queen
2018-08-27 Fairy King Occult Girl Dragon Knight
2018-09-03 Valkyrja Archangel Chimera
2018-09-10 Occult Girl Dragon Hell Lady
2018-09-17 Unicorn Sea Emperor Panda Warrior
2018-09-24 Desert Queen Chimera Archangel
2018-10-01 Dragon Dragon Knight Pioneer
2018-10-08 Sea Emperor Fairy King Beast Monk
2018-10-15 Panda Warrior Hell Lady Phoenix
2018-10-22 Beast Monk Dragon Unicorn
2018-10-29 Monkey King Pioneer Oracle
2018-11-05 Dragon Knight Phoenix Desert Queen
2018-11-12 Pioneer Monkey King Sea Emperor
2018-11-19 Chimera Paladin Polar Queen
2018-11-26 Fairy King Beast Monk Occult Girl
2018-12-03 Archangel Chimera Dragon
2018-12-10 Hell Lady Oracle Panda Warrior
2018-12-17 Valkyrja Polar Queen Monkey King
2018-12-24 Paladin Dragon Phoenix
2018-12-31 Occult Girl Archangel Oracle
2019-01-07 Dragon Desert Queen Chimera
2019-01-14 Unicorn Phoenix Hell Lady
2019-01-21 Sea Emperor Valkyrja Beast Monk
2019-01-28 Desert Queen Pioneer Fairy King
2019-02-04 Polar Queen Chimera Dragon
2019-02-11 Oracle Unicorn Panda Warrior
2019-02-18 Pioneer Occult Girl Druid
2019-02-25 Monkey King Phoenix Sea Emperor
2019-03-04 Beast Monk Dragon Knight Polar Queen
2019-03-11 Fairy King Paladin Archangel
2019-03-18 Hell Lady Dragon Occult Girl
2019-03-25 Chimera Desert Queen Oracle
2019-04-01 Panda Warrior Beast Monk Pioneer
2019-04-08 Dragon Knight Sea Emperor Fairy King
2019-04-15 Valkyrja Monkey King Unicorn
2019-04-22 Dragon Oracle Desert Queen
2019-04-29 Chimera Phoenix Hell Lady
2019-05-06 Lightning Emperor Archangel Beast Monk
2019-05-13 Pioneer Polar Queen Sea Emperor
2019-05-20 Paladin Valkyrja Oracle
2019-05-27 Fairy King Occult Girl Dragon Knight
2019-06-03 Hell Lady Pioneer Panda Warrior
2019-06-10 Monkey King Dragon Lightning Emperor
2019-06-17 Unicorn Paladin Polar Queen
2019-06-24 Valkyrja Beast Monk Phoenix
2019-07-01 Archangel Oracle Fairy King
2019-07-08 Panda Warrior Desert Queen Chimera
2019-07-15 Dragon Hell Lady Paladin
2019-07-22 Occult Girl Phoenix Druid
2019-07-29 Pioneer Unicorn Monkey King
2019-08-05 Sea Emperor Dragon Knight Beast Monk
2019-08-12 Polar Queen Archangel Panda Warrior
2019-08-19 Fairy King Paladin Desert Queen
2019-08-26 Lightning Emperor Chimera Dragon
2019-09-02 Hell Lady Monkey King Oracle
2019-09-09 Valkyrja Occult Girl Pioneer
2019-09-16 Dragon Knight Druid Polar Queen
2019-09-23 Desert Queen Beast Monk Fairy King
2019-09-30 Panda Warrior Sea Emperor Unicorn
2019-10-07 Oracle Phoenix Archangel
2019-10-14 Dragon Pioneer Paladin
2019-10-21 Hell Lady Unicorn Beast Monk
2019-10-28 Polar Queen Chimera Occult Girl
2019-11-04 Lightning Emperor Desert Queen Panda Warrior
2019-11-11 Valkyrja Oracle Sea Emperor
2019-11-18 Archangel Dragon Dragon Knight
2019-11-25 Druid Polar Queen Beast Monk
2019-12-02 Pioneer Fairy King Hell Lady
2019-12-09 Panda Warrior Paladin Phoenix
2019-12-16 Unicorn Valkyrja Oracle
2019-12-23 Dragon Monkey King Lightning Emperor
2019-12-30 Chimera Phoenix Cannon Girl
2020-01-06 Dragon Knight Occult Girl Druid
2020-01-13 Beast Monk Demon Fairy King
2020-01-20 Valkyrja Archangel Pioneer
2020-01-27 Paladin Hell Lady Polar Queen
2020-02-03 Sea Emperor Dragon Unicorn
2020-02-10 Monkey King Chimera Desert Queen
2020-02-17 Oracle Druid Panda Warrior
2020-02-24 Lightning Emperor Pioneer Beast Monk
2020-03-02 Fairy King Dragon Knight Paladin
2020-03-09 Dragon Polar Queen Archangel
2020-03-16 Demon Phoenix Chimera
2020-03-23 Desert Queen Beast Monk Druid
2020-03-30 Occult Girl Unicorn Oracle
2020-04-06 Panda Warrior Sea Emperor Monkey King
2020-04-13 Pioneer Paladin Dragon
2020-04-20 Archangel Chimera Lightning Emperor
2020-04-27 Hell Lady Demon Polar Queen
2020-05-04 Druid Valkyrja Beast Monk
2020-05-11 Fairy King Oracle Cannon Girl
2020-05-18 Unicorn Dragon Sea Emperor
2020-05-25 Dragon Knight Desert Queen Panda Warrior
2020-06-01 Chimera Phoenix Occult Girl
2020-06-08 Polar Queen Monkey King Fairy King
2020-06-15 Beast Monk Archangel Oracle
2020-06-22 Sea Emperor Hell Lady Druid
2020-06-29 Dragon Pioneer Dragon Knight
2020-07-06 Panda Warrior Occult Girl Unicorn
2020-07-13 Valkyrja Paladin Desert Queen
2020-07-20 Monkey King Druid Polar Queen
2020-07-27 Lightning Emperor Dragon Knight Beast Monk
2020-08-03 Pioneer Fairy King Hell Lady
2020-08-10 Demon Phoenix Archangel
2020-08-17 Druid Dragon Chimera
2020-08-24 Paladin Unicorn Oracle
2020-09-01 Desert Queen Polar Queen Fairy King
2020-09-08 Panda Warrior Monkey King Lightning Emperor
2020-09-15 Dragon Demon Pioneer