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Beneficial and Harmful Effects


Unfortunately Com2uS' terminology is a bit inconsistent. When they say beneficial and harmful effects, they usually mean only buffs and debuffs (the blue/red icons over your monsters in battle). But not always, for example the immunity buff says it prevents all harmful effects but it does not just block debuffs but also attack bar (ATB) reduction and cooldown increases. So in this wiki we use the following explicit notation:

  • Buff means any in-battle positive effect that has a blue icon.
  • Debuff means any in-battle negative effect that has a red icon.
  • Beneficial effect means buff, ATB increase, or cooldown reduction.
  • Harmful effect means any debuff, ATB reduction, or cooldown increase.


The counterpart to immunity, the "Beneficial Effects Blocked" debuff, does not prevent attack bar increase or cooldown reduction from happening. It only prevents buffs from being applied. This slight imbalance is a deliberate game design choice from Com2uS in order to not make it too easy to completely destroy AI controlled defences even though both of those effects are beneficial in almost all cases. But it does create some of the inconsistencies in the naming in the game.


Up to 10 (de)buffs can be applied on a single monster. If a (de)buff is applied again, the one applied last will replace the existing effect. The only eceptions to this are Continuous Damage, Bomb, and Recovery effects which can be accumulated.

Beneficial Effects


Here is an overview over the buffs currently in the game:

Buff Icon Buff Name Buff Effect
ATK buff Increase ATK The target's Attack Power will be increased by 50%.
DEF buff Increase DEF The target's Defense increased by 70%.
SPD buff Increase ATK SPD The target's Attack Speed will be increased by 30%.
CRI buff Increase CRI Rate The target's Critical Rate will be increased by 30%.
Anti crit buff Increased CRI Resist Decreases the chances of being attacked with a Critical Hit by 50%.
Immunity Immunity The target will gain immunity against all harmful effects.
Reflect DMG Reflect DMG The target will return 30% of the incoming damage to the attacker when attacked.
Heal over time Recovery The target's HP will be recovered by 15% on each turn.
Vampire buff Vampire Recovers HP by 20% of the inflicted damage.
Shield buff Shield The Shield will absorb a fixed amount of damage.
Rune shield buff Shield A Rune Shield will be created on all allies, absorbing 15% of the HP of the Monster equipped with a set of 2 Shield Runes. (The Rune Shield will absorb more damage when more than 1 set is equipped.)
Counter buff Counter When attacked, the target will counterattack to inflict 75% of the Attack Power as damage.
Defend buff Defend The caster of this skill will receive half of the damage inflicted on the escorted target while making the damage dealt to the escorted target to 0 and counterattack the enemy target.
Endure Endure The target's HP will not drop below 1 even when attacked.
Soul Protection Soul Protection The target will revive with 30% HP when defeated.
Invincibility Invincible The target will be invincible.
Threat state Threat The enemy can only attack the target under the Threat state when using the attack skill. The target under the Threat state will be inflicted with 15% less damage when attacked.


  • Increase DEF, CRI Resist, Shield, Shield (Rune), Reflect DMG, Invincibility, and Defend count as damage reduction effects which can be ignored by some skills. Endure however does not prevent damage, just death.
  • The shield from the rune set is calculated off base HP and stacks even across different monsters. E.g. 1 set on a 10k base HP monster and 1 on a 5k base HP monster will net you a 2250 shield in total.
  • SPD values in the game are rounded only once. A SPD (de)buff is applied to the pre-rounded SPD value instead of the rounded one, after that the rounding takes place. See attack bar for more info.
  • A stat changing buff and the corresponding debuff cancel eachother out instead of being multiplicate. E.g. with an ATK buff and debuff your monster acts like it has none of it.

Harmful Effects


Here is an overview over the debuffs currently in the game:

Debuff Icon Debuff Name Debuff Effect
ATK Break Decrease ATK The target's Attack Power will be decreased by 50%.
DEF Break Decrease DEF The target's Defense will be decreased by 70%.
Slow Decrease ATK SPD The target's Attack Speed will be decreased by 30%.
Stun Stun The target will be stunned and won't be able to attack.
Freeze Freeze The target will be frozen and won't be able to attack.
Sleep Sleep The target will be put to sleep and won't be able to attack. The sleeping target wakes up when attacked or inflicted with damage.
Dot Continuous DMG (dot) The target's HP will be damaged by 5% of the MAX HP whenever the target's turn returns. (Ignores Defense)
Bomb Bomb Explodes after a fixed amount of turns to inflict damage and stuns the target for 1 turn. (Ignores Defense)
Heal block Unrecoverable The target's HP can't be recovered.
Buff block Beneficial Effects Blocked All beneficial effects will be blocked.
Glancing Increased chances of missing The chances of landing a glancing hit will be increased by 50%. (Glancing Hits will decrease the damage by 30% and if the attacker has Attribute disadvantage, damage will be decreased additionally by 16%.)
Taunt Provoke The target is forced to attack the Monster that provoked it.
Silence Silence Skills with cooldown will be locked. (Passive skills not included)
Brand Brand The target will receive 25% increased damage.
Oblivion Oblivion Passive skills will be locked.


  • Stun, Freeze, and Sleep will prevent a monster's cooldowns from counting down.
  • "Block Beneficial Effects" does not prevent ATB increase or cooldown reduction.
  • HP balancing skills such as Chasun's "Fallen Blossom" can bypass the Unrecoverably debuff because they don't technically heal.
  • Bombs and Continuous Damage don't just ignore defence, they actually deal true and pure damage, respectively. See damage types for more info.
  • SPD values in the game are rounded only once. A SPD (de)buff is applied to the pre-rounded SPD value instead of the rounded one, after that the rounding takes place. See TODO for more info.
  • A stat changing buff and the corresponding debuff cancel eachother out instead of being multiplicate. E.g. with an ATK buff and debuff your monster acts like it has none of it.

Fun Fact

Freeze is identical to stun when it comes to game play. The only difference is that only water monsters have the Freeze debuff and it prevents the little victory dance animation at the end of battle while stunned or sleeping monsters still perform that.

Harmful Effect Application

In order to apply any harmful effect, two stages have to be passed:

  1. Activation stage
  2. Accuracy vs. Resistance check (ACC/RES check)

The activation stage is simply a check if the monster even tries to apply a harmful effect. The activation rate is given in the skill description, for example Alicia's S3 will try to freeze with a 15% chance (per hit). If no explicit probability is given, the activation rate is 100% and this stage automatically passes.

If the activation stage is passed then a monster tries to apply a harmful effect. If that happens is then determined by the ACC/RES check explained in detail below. If both stages are passed, then the debuff is applied.


  • This describes the normal process, some skills bypass the ACC/RES check by being irresistible.
  • The stun applied by Despair runes does not have an ACC/RES check
  • Even though it's not a harmful effect the process of removing buffs (called a "strip") also goes through the same stages.
  • If a hit glances, it will not apply any debuffs or ATB reduction. However, cooldown resets and stripping can still happen.

Accuracy versus Resistance Check

Accuracy and Resistance Game Info

As you can see in this screenshot, the game directly explains how accuracy and resistance are interacting with eachother. Put into a formula it's with p_{resist} being the chance to resist a debuff and p_{apply} the chance of the debuff being applied:

p_{resist} = \max(ACC - RES, 15\%)


p_{apply} = 1 - p_{resist} = 1 - \max(ACC - RES, 15\%)

This means that you only need RES - 15% ACC to reach the maximum chance of landing your debuff. Here is a table with the maximum resistance values found in several PvE areas:

Area Maximum RES ACC cap
ToA(H) 60% 45%
GB12 69% 54%
DB12 80% 65%
NB12 70% 55%
SB10 40% 25%
PB10 54% 39%
R5 30% 15%
Dimensional Hole 49% 34%


The GB12 mid boss has 100% RES for ridiculous historical reasons, so technically you want 85% ACC on your DEF break (Loren).