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As in almost any other area, Summoners War has its own abbrevations that are commonly used. It already starts with the name of the game itself, in short we just call it SW. Below is a list of commonly used abbreviations:


Abbreviation Meaning
CD Critical damage
CR Critical rate
RES Resistance
ACC Accuracy
B (e.g. B10) Basement, floor no.
GB12 Giant's Keep B12
NB12 Necropolis B12
DB12 Dragon's Lair B12
PB10 Punisher's Crypt B10
SB10 Steel Fortress B10
SW Summoners War: Sky Arena
R5 Rift Raid Level 5
ToA Trial of Ascension
ToAN Trial of Ascension Normal mode
ToAH Trial of Ascension Hard mode
ToA(H) Use this if you want to talk about both ToA modes in general
BJ5 (less common: BJR5) Baleygr-Janssen-R5 (R5 speed team)
2A Second awakened